10 PRO tips to master your Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Phenomenal GALAXY Note9 Pro Tips
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There are some phenomenal features in the Galaxy Note 9 that very few people know of and even fewer people are using. In this video, my aim is bring alive those hidden features, tips/tricks or hacks that can truly make your Galaxy Note 9 experience amazing.

Tip 1: Tap on quick setting toggle names to open setting details without going into actual settings menu.

Tip 2: Pin reminders on always on…


  • USA … people! You do not have the option to RECORD CALLS, as it's illegal to use. So our carriers have removed it! Which doesn't bother me… I don't think you should be able to record anyone without their consent! Agree??? Thumbs this up Plz so others can see that are looking ty

  • To reduce animations on Android O were possible trough the same settings on Note 9. And on any Android phone you can always turn on developer settings and reduce or turn animations off completely.

  • The tap to show always on display caused my phone to freeze while locked and id have to hold the power and volume down to reset it a lot. I couldnt figure out what it was but when turning that off and just leaving AOD on always the problem stopped