15 Most Helpful Android Apps For Everyone | Guiding Tech

Looking for the most useful Android apps you can install on your apart from the usuals like Google Drive, Evernote, Translator etc.? Your search ends here.

Here are 15 Android apps that we think would be useful for most of the users out there.

App Names and Download Links:

1. Solid File Explorer:
2. SHAREit:
3. Universal Copy:
4. Boomerang Notifications:
5. Smart Tools: …


  • for gps i use HERE in offline mode when you have wifi you download all map for example whole europe is 13GB and you use it offline, works fast and looks similar to google maps, tested it offline( turn on plane mode and turn on location) and use it for about 3-4 years or so works

  • There is an app called Yelling phone on the google play store, and every time your phone moves it starts yelling. I switched it to the fake ringtone sound so now when my phone moves it sounds like i'm getting a phone call. Its actually super useful for when I go to the gym and play basketball and sit my phone down off to the side of the court. I was always paranoid that someone would steal my phone, but now I can relax a little because i would notice if my phone gets moved. Its also kinda hilarious to have it on the yelling setting in my apartment and scare the crap out of anyone who tries to look at my phone, lol.

  • A Single App for almost all purposes
    "POLYNEED" is a newcomer but i believe soon will be the World's most useful App, with current 4.9+ play store rating and review!
    Using which people never have to install various apps for various purposes!
    All Useful Apps Inside a Single App
    It integrates all useful websites and apps together. No need to download multiple apps!
    One of the must have android app
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  • Nice list…… Except for CM Locker….. They're widely known for their information sharing and absolutely in no way a good idea to install on your device. That includes ES File Explorer sadly.