6 issues & fixes of Redmi 6a – Ads, yellowish display, camera, game lag, youtube.

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6 problems / issues of redmi 6a and their fixes.

#1 Ads in system ui.
#2 Yellowish display.
#3 Low incoming ring volume.
#4 Camera.
#5 Game lag.
#6 Youtube lag.

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Youtube vanced :-

G-Cam (Night sight) for Redmi 6A / 6 + Samples –

Custom rom are available now for Redmi 6a, watch my this video


  • Did you know what 4x MSAA is? IT'S A FREAKING ANTI ALIASING. It's for smoothening the edges in game, so it's make your game look better but it didn't mean you will reduce lags. Please people, don't do that to your phone. It's make you phone battery unhealthy too, making it hot even you can fried and egg in there. This dude didn't know anything about gaming. Do your fucking research before giving people tips dumb ass. I mean I like your other tips, but not this one. I fucking hate it.