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Introducing Mikage, A Brand New 3DS Emulator for Android Phones & Tablets

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  • I was trying to think of a word in English to explain the error in pronunciation but i couldn't find one.
    Japanese "ge" is similar to Portuguese "gue".
    You can think of the naruto ninja ranks Genin or Hokage.
    In portuguese correct pronunciation would be Micague, but in this video it sounds micaguei which is "i shat my self" in Brazilian Portuguese

  • Pronunciation is wrong ,"ge" from japanese has the same pronunciation as "gue" from Portuguese, but for a Portuguese speaker he is saying "guei".
    With his pronunciation it's sounding micaguei which in Portuguese "is i shat myself".
    Actually i can't think right now of a word in English that has the right pronunciation

  • A pronúncia americanizada dele tá errada "ge" em japonês pronuncia "gue"
    Rank ninja no naruto Genin por exemplo.
    Ele ainda diz que perguntou pra um japonês se a pronúncia estava certa, mas não está.