ALL SAMSUNG PHONES-FIX-"Moisture has been detected" – S8, S8+, S9, S9+

If you use the original charger but it doesn’t say fast charge, that means that there are still some water inside, unplug it and dry the port a bit more. You might need to use another charging cable because the charging cable might be wet also.


  • I have galaxy a5 2017 and little bit of water got into port today and this notification popped up It happened before while it was raining or so but it would ususally disappear after hour or two when its dry by itself now notification is here for 8 hours already and I cant charge my phone and it will die soon I have 14% battery left I tried drying it and putting it in rice also when I try to plug in charger my screen goes weird and it presses stuff I dont want to I dont know what to do anymore can anyone please help 🙁

  • What also could happen is that, your phone doesn't show the error anymore and your phone charge but the USB port doesn't work then I fixed the problem by restarting my phone.

  • I have an LG v40 it was like that in the afternoon I was watching my videos on my phone I didn't know what was happening and now I know the problem can you tell me how do I fix it and how do I clean it from the LG b40 UPS charger

  • A good way to get the moisture out that I found was to take a braces cleaner (a plastic handle abt 2in long and a straw width wide with a small piece of wire with a little fuzzy type things on the end) and put it in the port to absorb it. You could also try a pipe cleaner

  • Blow into the charging port hard to get the water out, dry around and inside of it with a dry bit of cloth, turn off the power (this stops the device from picking up the 'moisture detection' ) THEN stick the charging cable into the charging port, a ceiling fan also helps, my phone is charging as normal now and I only just got it.
    This is happening with my s7

  • Mine won't charge at all now wen it says "moisture detected" now what? It's been days. The charger part got wen n it got plugged in wet but it's been like 5 days n STILL says that it's wet!! Am I fucked or what? Hope not😣

  • Turn off your phone. Take a tiny bristle brush like GUM or Dentek for your teeth, dip it in rubbing alcohol. Insert it into your charging port. Try to remove as much gunk/dirt thats inside the USB port as possible. Then take a hair dryer and directed aim inside your port, dry for 15 sec. Wait. Repeat. Turn phone on. This worked for me but message came back next day. I was able to charge my phone though. Will have to obtain a wireless charger for charging it now. I have no history of dropping phone or water splashing on it so I think this is a defect that Samsung knows about. They just don't want to admit it.

  • When I got the moisture detected warning, I went on another youtube video and learned how to bypass the alert since it kept warning me about moisture, hindering it from charging. I knew my port was dry, but it just kept popping up, so for a week I've been doing the same bypass (restarting phone, and plugging charger during) and now my phone can't charge at all. If you ever get the warning I suggest you quickly do something about it and don't ignore the alert. For the past months, I've been charging my S8 using a wireless charger, and it's so slow. I took fast charging for granted 🙁 hope someone reads this, and learns.