Backup Your iPhone – iTunes vs. iCloud Backup

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Backing up your iPhone or iPad is important. In this video I discuss backing up with iTunes vs. iCloud and what works best for me.

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  • i think this made me think what i did over and over again 🙁 when i plugged my phone on pc itunes it said as a new phone, there were options such as restore back-up then i saw the back upn from my last phone and clicked it, now im doomed, all the photos i took with the new phone are gone so are the downloads of movies, any way to restore it like the last time?

  • Forget the icloud!! This will cost everyone a monthly fee to listen to your own music by end of 2019. !!! Like really want to do that, paying for my own music over and over? That's like having to pay every time I listen to what I already paid for!! Like who is not getting thus part?? No thanks apple!!! They already deleted all my own cd music not bought in their iTunes library. This crap already costs way to much, just my 2nd cents, still love backing up in a drive. No worries, no problems and noo extra costs!!

  • After you have backed up everything on your iPhone 7 Plus and transferred it to iTunes after your iPhone 7 Plus has been in recovery mode how do you transfer all your information back on to your iPhone 😎

  • Does iCloud backup gmail, like I have 3 gmail accounts on gmail and I’m getting a new phone I wanted to know how to put my gmail accounts and stuff to my new phone without making a new one

  • I really need help when I click backup it doesn’t say back up now and I can’t press the iCloud backup button and when I went to manage storage it says my last backup was never