Best Android Launcher 2018 : 9 Amazing Launchers MUST TRY !

Best Android Launcher 2018 : 9 Amazing Launchers (#launcher #androidlauncher)


Android launchers have become smarter and feature rich over the years. To save you from the trouble of browsing through a hundred of launchers on Play Store, here, we have compiled a list of Best Android Launchers that you should be trying in 2018.

1. Flick launcher –
2. Microsoft launcher –
3. Lawnchair launcher -…


  • Nova launcher pro. It's my the Launcher since I switched to lollipop, used to use Aviate before that. Have tried a lot, still trying anything new coming ……but no one got customization like Nova. Microsoft launcher is just good , can't say anything more than that …… Cortana integration is pathetic, can't use klwp or kwgt with Microsoft launcher and the devs also prefer Nova. So Nova all the way

  • the 1st time i use Nova and i think i will stick to it. it is just great. what the most interesting stuff about customizing is using the icon packs or widgets. it is really personal and fun! great video and i like ur accent πŸ’―πŸ˜Žβœ”οΈ

  • Yes this dude modulates between low pitch & high pitch hella quick. I wanna hear him sing Happy Birthday, or read either a wedding speech or wedding vows : ) if he was a male Siri or Alexa I'd say Siri is on something today

  • I just a comment about the video for best launcher for the Note 8 in 2018 one thing I'd like for these folks to mention when they're doing these lists of launchers is the launcher managers that they have there's two really good ones either one does they do the same thing both of them are three you can just Google or when you're on the Play Store I just asked for you know if you could do the same managers or launcher managers and I'll take you right to it and not the one I use is the extreme.
    Bijan managers for launchers if you have 3 launchers you have nobody you have a buzz and you have something else whatever and you just want to be able to change almost seamlessly from one to the other or you want to delete one and download something else to try this application managers managers all of the loaded launchers whether they're active or not so that way it really is just one place to control all of the the launchers but it's nice to be able to work with all of them at one time you can see them in one place….