Black screen – lenovo Onekey Rescue fix

This was an attempt at the one key rescue fix for the lenovo G580 laptop. I keep getting the black screen problem.
I do not have the windows 8 or 10 instalation disk. Can you help?


  • For those that say that they don’t have the button, look where the charger plug is (left sideways) then there should be a small button. Turn off ur laptop completely then press it with a pencil or something

  • These are just manufactured to break I'll bet. 500-600 bucks. You get what you pay for I guess. Still, that's some fucking bullshit. I won't be buying ANYTHING Lenovo ever again. Vote with your dollar, friends. Fuck Lenovo.

  • I have a lenovo 110 laptop, just for school and lil projects. I got the same problem where the screen is going black after turning on and logging in, the windows stuff at the bottom shows and disappears after 2 seconds. I need some help!

  • I would take it to somebody to fix it because I am afraid to not accidentally delete disk C (where my Windows 7 is). I watched this video just beacuse I had the same problem. When I took it to the guy it just started working, so i got it back home and then it stopped working again 🙁 .I took it again so I am waiting for it now. I have no idea, sorry! Hope you fix it (its been a lot of time since you uploaded the video and you have probably been alright with it because you've fixed it but I will still wish you good luck!). Have a great day!

  • had a similar issue with similar lenovo laptop. for what ever reason was causing the slow response time for files to load, it too was responsible for page with recovery/repair options to load. after files loaded i allowed more time for the page to load. 15-20 minutes in the options page popped up. i ran full recovery from the two choices given which completed in average time (about 10 minutes) laptop has been working fine ever since.

  • Pressing #3 would be after you insert your boot or installation disk (#1) and choose a language (#2). Since you don't have a disk; you can't. I've got an install disk for Windows 7 which is probably better anyway.