cara factory reset oppo f9 lupa pola/sandi done100% ufi box

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  • Please help

    The situation looks like that: 
    1. I have removed the account of my kid by Family link, without removing it from his device earlier.My mistake 😞 
    2. His account does not exist any longer in google, but is still on his phone as the only one
    3. I am not able to delete his account because it is forbidden by Family link manager. 
    I cant also reset to the factory settings (the same explanation). 

    4. I cannot add a new account because of family link
    5. I am not able to connect by Family link to his account because it no longer exists, so I am not able to accept such actions. 
    6. I cant add a new account, because it is forbidden by Family link. 

    Maybe there is a way to remove this from his phone by some external administrator (google) or to recreate his account so I will be able to connect to it (standard procedure for the recreating the account does not work. 

    Please help me because he can no longer use his phone and both of us are devastated now

  • Om sdh tembus tp kok beda dngn versi aslinya yagh ada pnurunan performa ,, sy cek versi kernel dn yg lain ada beda dgn versi orix jdi kualitas gmbarx mnurun