Easily Take Print Out of SMS and WhatsApp Messages on Android | Guiding Tech

In the video I will show you how you can easily take printout of your WhatsApp and text messages from your Android and save it as a hard copy.

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  • There is NO option to back up and print WhatsApp conversations that I can see? Also reading these comments it seems that very few, if no one at all, is able to find the backup WhatsApp option. What makes me really annoyed is that even though several people have asked for help with the seemingly none existent WhatsApp backup option. you don't seem to have backbone enough to answer them! very poor show !!!

  • If you want to teach, speak slowly and clearly. Otherwise, you're wasting your time, and mine. Volunteer at a non profit to actually help people step by step. Hey, giving of your time is tax deductible, but do it well.

  • Why does this app, and other backup apps, only allow me to view/print/backup the other person's side of the text message conversation but omits my texts to them. It's only showing a one sided conversation. Is there a way to save/print all of it so it makes sense?