Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max SPEED Test – Battle of the BEASTS!

Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max SPEED Test – Battle of the BEASTS!

The iPhone XS Max and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus are the latest and greatest flagship phones from Apple & Samsung. And while they have quite a few external differences, speed is one thing they have in common.

With 8GB of RAM, could the S10 Plus be that much faster than the iPhone XS Max with its 4GB of RAM?

This video will run through boot up tests, app launching tests, WiFi speed tests, RAM management tests, benchmarks and…


  • Am I the only one wondering why people still using iphone even though they clearly see that they have the same Menu, option, and features with a little bit upgraded camera on a different case ? And even more money every year for exactly the same thing with a different case !! Woooaaww !!

  • For someone who is right handed, you have built an inherent bias into your tests. You should try switching the phones from left to right hand to make sure your right hand bias is not impacting the result, otherwise your tests are pointless.

  • you know why your samsungs loading slower you know nothing about it you have to launch games from the game launcher app which you can optimize for performance…….. this test is a dud on games please learn the device your doing reviews about and showing to others.

  • Don't get me wrong I have owned iPhones and Samsung devices I personally prefer Android because of its customization iPhones just work no ifs and buts about it personally it's not the iPhone it's ios that's holding the iPhone back I'm currently using the Galaxy S10 plus the camera is horrible in my opinion I much prefer my iPhone 10 camera Apple redo iOS and the iPhone will be the best phone ever that's coming from a 10 year Android user

  • Ok with some things the iPhone is going be faster Apple is a private company after all so yeah but atleast the s10 loads most apps but I'm sad games load slower on the s10 and I noticed the s10 is more vibrant oof

  • Why bother with these technical tests when real-life daily usage by real people show which one wins the SPEED test… You know which O/S I mean… The ones not bloated by malware and crapware after 2 weeks of usage…

  • Did he really compare opening the camera from lock screen??? 😂😂😂 Just double press the power button before even pulling the phone out your pocket!😂Apple fans can't really compare iphones to other phones!

  • I'm confused how people have so many issues with the s10+ finger print scanner, I had one failed scan and I've used it over 300 times so far, I think people just ignored what it says in the finger print set up