Galaxy S9 vs Galaxy S10: Should You Really Upgrade?

Samsung One UI Review:
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  • Update to my s10 plus for the past 4 days. I am planning to return it. It is a good phone but there are too many things that frustrated me. The on screen fingerprints drove me crazy. It is a hit or miss and most time I have to rescan at least 2 times for it to work. Notification light is a feature I must have but they took that away. Paying 1000 for extra features that I don't use is pointless. In fact the s9 seems to have more feature that the s10 now lacks. I dont take enough pictures to need the extra lens. And software and speed is almost exactly the same. Those right there I can tolerate. But the number one reason for my return and from my own personal experience is the wifi issue I have with it. Too many occasion websites and apps that require internet get hung up and very slow to load. Your experience might be different but too many WiFi issue for me.

  • I own S9+ but after I hold S10+ in my hand and compared the 4k video display with my S9+ the difference is very considerable. S10+ looks extremely vibrant and vivid. I don't like the pill shape cut but it doesn't bother me watching videos. If anyone of you doesn't own S9+ then I advise to go for S10+ as its one gorgeous device.

  • Currently have a iPhone 7 Plus deciding between the s9 plus or the s10 like only thing I do is get on social media, watch vids/movies, listen to music and play like 2 games one of them is pubg how is pubg on the s9 plus ?

  • Can I ask for Your opinion?
    I need a new phone because mine is broken. I had a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Now I want to buy the S9 plus or S10.
    What would You do? I really want to have the S10. But it’s no secret that the S10 is very expensive. It costs 799€ on eBay.
    I can have the S9 plus for about 540€, which is much less.

    I don’t really want to wait for the S10 to get cheaper, because right now I have to use an old iPhone 5 by my mom. The phone is unbelievably slow and too small for me.

    I am a student, but I earn my own money.
    So what would You do? Is it crazy to spend so much for the S10 although I don’t have a fulltime job? Should I buy the S9?

  • Great reasons to get me to keep my s9. The top one is no notches or cut outs, and this is the only phone like that right now. I'm not a fan of the cutout so I shouldn't feel pressured to upgrade.

  • Cool video mate yeah I'll stick with my s9+. The price is too got damn high with the s10+, especially in australia 128gb model is $1500 and they won't do a trade in with my model coz I imported the 128gb snapdragon 845 version coz they only do the exynos model in Australia what a joke and a 64gb s9+ trade in in Australia they will only give you $450… I even went to the samsung store had a play with the s10+ that hole punch is a massive deal breaker for me, awesome how they kept the 3.5mm headphone jack but yeah the s9+ may be my last samsung phone if they stick with this shocking hole punch in the display. People in Australia are like but it's got 5G….. Who cares its going to take them 4 to 5 years to have 5g Australia wide anyway.

  • But am upgrading from a note 9 @ Best buy trade it in get 650 for it put it towards the S10+ so it will be around 350 still on the S10+& I get free wireless earbuds

  • But it still more convenient for fingerprint be on the front not the back and plus my S9 plus when you got sweaty hands fingerprint don't work

  • One more thing to consider
    The fingerprint sensor on S10 will not work if you use regular tempered glass screen protector.
    It still work fine if you use the plastic screen protector though.
    But, if you really want to use tempered glass, you'll need to use the one that's been certified by Samsung.