How to Backup / Restore EFS Partition [IMEI] for Samsung Galaxy Devices

How to backup & restore EFS partition [IMEI] for Samsung galaxy S1/S2/S3/S4 Note 1/2 Tab 1/2 …. by GalaxySIM Unlock App

Its recommended for users who like to root, flash, downgrade or install custom rom to make a backup for the EFS partition of their devices, to restore it just in case of your device display wrong IMEI, NULL NULL or not registered on network

This is easy way to backup or restore IMEI by using GalaxySIM Unlock App
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  • hi all….i,m looking for help and info…i have a i9300 and the imei number in the phone is not the one on the box or inside the phone and it wont let me on to my network…says..not registered on network…any ideas how i can get this running

  • i have tmobile note 2 sgh-t889ย 
    im trying to find a program that can backup my efs folder and imei and supposedly theres too many tha claim that work but they all say note n7100 or note n7105 ย or 700 or other different models than mine, what should i use that will actually restore if something goes wrong w my phone. too many ppl done backups w no problem but when they need to restore the backup wont work i dont wanna b in that situation u know.

  • Thanks a lot dude, this was a lot easier and actually worked unlike the EFS Pro which crashed all the time without detecting the device. But I only got 2 of the 3 files you got, the one I didn't get is efs_img_backup.tar.gz
    Is that "normal" or is that supposed to also be there?