How to Backup & Restore Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile Backup and restore process lets you restore apps, app data, games, SMS. The photos are auto uploaded to OneDrive.

It can be used when you switch phones or reset existing phone.


  • There is a Big problem if you don't need to reset your phone and only want to restore several apps with purchase settings from your backup or have some kind of mess-up and want to restore your none reseted phone
    Unfortunately there is no restore option if you don't reset and just want to restore something from your backup! Shame Shame Shame !!!

  • Mr. have you ever tried to watch your videos on a screen!?It is hard to read what you are pointing at on a regular pc,and impossible on mobile!If you want to guide people,please take your time and zoom in when you are ready for the button.Thank you for helping people!

  • So if i miss restore in settings after reset i can not do it otherwise, later, what in case i buy new phone, what i can do in that case? Reset fresh phone and do it in settings like in this video?? o.O

  • This sucks, somehow i dont get an SMS while inside the setup menu, but after i'm done setting up i do get it, but you can ONLY restore from backup inside the setup, and theres no way to do it after setup finishes.

  • hey can u help me out? i did a hard reset on my lumia 535. i had made a backup also. now i have restored the phone but the apss installed on sd card didnt show up aain. i had installed an app called folder lock free in which i had hidden many photos. but since the app didnot restore again. and i need to retrieve my data. is it possible?