How to Bypass Google Account FRP LG Leon/Stylo (ANDROID LOCK)


  • Google might have made a couple updates and this method doesn't work on all new operating systems so this might not work on all phones but many people are still having success with it. If your one of the unlucky few don't worry There is a new way to do the google bypass and i will be uploading a video soon that works on all Android Devices. Make sure your subscribed and hit that notification button to be notified when its uploaded.
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  • They're doing everything correct just this is new version 5.1.1 is older might have this patched this. Once got the shortcut apk installed you need to go onto google account manager the 3 one press in see three button on the side log in to your google account and power off and restart should be set to go log back in remove your account and go back to back up and reset factory rest the phone and brand new want a video let me know to show you how!