How to Hard Reset HUAWEI Honor 8 – Bypass Pattern Lock

How to Bypass Screen Lock on HUAWEI Honor 8? How to Remove Pattern Lock? How to perform the hard reset on HUAWEI Honor 8? How to restore factory settings on HUAWEI Honor 8?

Factory data reset allows users to delete all data stored in the mobile device. If you screen is frozen or you could not turn on your phone, we advise you to perform a factory reset using the “Recovery Mode”. Please follow the steps below for factory data reset.



  • Hello man! My honor 8 stopped responding to touch, although it still lights up. Once restarted, after trying the fingerprint security, the phone asks for the pin (4 digit code). Obviously I can't tap it because of the failed screen. I don't want to miss my stored data. Is there any way out (that does not involve buying a new screen/flex)? Thanks in advance.