How to replace HDD on Lenovo Yoga 310

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Here is the step by step process on how to replace HDD on Lenovo Yoga 310.

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  • Je suis dans le même cas que je n'ai pas de connecteur sur la carte mère pour réparer un disque dur.

    plus je suis coincé sur le bios de mot de passe si impossible d'utiliser l'ordinateur

  • Hello

    The socket on the motherboard in which you plug in the ssd drive is soldered or screwed in and plugged into a port from the other side of the motherboard? I have the same layout as you, but I do not have a slot to attach the drive. I wonder if I can buy them and connect from the other side to some port. How do you have them mounted? You can send pictures like this slot you have mounted? From one side and the other.