How to Root Galaxy Note 8 on Android 8.0 Oreo!

For those of you who want to root your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on latest Android 8.0 Oreo, here’s step-by-step tutorial you can follow along with detailed video tutorial for beginners.

Before we begin, rooting Note 8 involves ERASING EVERYTHING ON YOUR PHONE.ย  We recommend using Samsung Smart Switch to backup all of your apps and files, which comes with the phone!!!ย  Also by rooting you will PERMANENTLY LOSE SAMSUNG PAY!!!

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  • Hi Max, I rooted my Note 8 followed your steps, but Magisk disappeared after 2 months, what could have happened? Do I need to go thru the process again? Many Thanks.

  • Followed this guide but I have couple problems. Twrp fails to mount partitions to backup and updating magisk breaks the app. What I was wondering was if I want to update magisk to use modules like YouTube vanced. Is it safe to download magisk v17+ and reflash the zip in twrp to update the app and daemon so the repo will show all the newer modules without breaking the root since I can't backup with twrp to try it out.

  • Hai, You didn't show that after root, do you able to press restart ?

    I tried to Root my Note 8 (android 8.0.0) and follow your tutorial. OEM Unlock is there so I activate it, and do my root, it done well.
    But after root, I open the Developer Option and the OEM Unlock is gone!
    Then when I restart/bootload it got soft brick (written only binaries…so on)

    Any advice? I need the phone to be able function even if I restart/ reboot right..
    Cause I already did it like 3 times, always same problem. After rooted the OEM Unlock option is gone. Please help

  • hi Max.. i have succesfully rooted my xenos galaxy note 8 N950F. it work but when i restarted my fone it just shows the logo.. and a red message ontop op screen.. " only oficial binarie are allowd to flash." When i unroot with the stock feimware.. Odin is continuously failing.. please help… ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • trying to do this on my n950F without much success. Follow the steps to the letter, phone boots back up. Phone isn't rooted at all, trying to get back into recovery mode again doesn't work, forces a restart and get the OEM message on bootloader about only allowing official binaries forcing me to re-flash the original firmware to even turn the phone on. Just wondering if one of the small updates since this video was posted has caused a change or I'm just missing something?

  • Ok I rooted my note 8 I follow this method and it works no problem even install titanium grant it still works,but..i turn it off went back to recovery to backed up it would not let me because my sdcard and otg won't showed up, can you help me on this? Thanks!

  • Hello Mรกx thank you
    For yours videos alls very good, my question is: for SM N950U1, The main problem is lost 20% of batery and Samsung pay, this problem fix? What is the best solution for root this model of note 8 android 8.0 thank you for you information about this

  • max i am a member of your site and slowed your tutorial down to get ever thing pufect bt alass thi hasnt worked at all majisk is there but says that it hasnt any root ant all step by step i did this twrp works but nothing else no root at all my phone wasnt oem looke and didnt have the carriers anyong splash screen but nope.

  • Hello Max i was just wondering if i could pick your brain's for a second lol i have been rooting for a few years now but i have never had this issue ๐Ÿค” i rooted my N950F note 8 with your method ofcorse ๐Ÿ˜. When i go to developer options after rooting is compleat im getting ( samsung android.process.acore has stopped ) pop up and it is rendaring my phone unusable ๐Ÿ˜”. Do you have any idear what the problem is and how to fix it? Google isn't helping. Thankyou