How to turn the alarm on / off on a Samsung galaxy s8/s8 Plus

How to turn the alarm on and off on a samsung galaxy s8 / s8 plus.
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Cant turn your alarm on? Watch this tutorial.

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  • What i hate in samsung is that their alarm clock app might not ringing
    I myself had galaxy s2 and galaxy note 3 and the same issue with alarm clock
    Now my mom started having same issues with her galaxy note 5 which is a shame
    Now i bought galaxy note 9 but i am pretty sure the problem will back again
    If this happens again, never ever pick samsung phone ever again

  • When I set my alarm it used to say your alarm is set to go off in 5 hours and 32 minutes, for example. Today I set my alarm, well just now it is 10 minutes till 6 a.m. and I have to be up by 11 a.m.. when I set it for both 10:30 and 11 two different alarms neither one of them said your alarm is set to go off in 4 hours and 11 minutes or whatever. That concerns me cuz now I don't know if they're going to go off. Is there a reason why they would stop doing that? By the way…my phone is a Galaxy S8 plus.😉

  • It's sad that between Samsung Galaxy s phones & iPhones the phone has to be on for the alarm to work. But, when I had a Blackberry, the alarm came on when the phone was powered off. Apple and Samsung fix this problem.

  • Sometimes I accidentally leave the phone in another part of the house and thus don't hear the alarm when it comes on. Once I do wake up on my own (sometimes as much as 30 minutes after the alarm went off) I realize that the alarm has been ringing continuously for that whole 30 minutes. Is there a way to set it to how long I want the alarm to ring if I don't turn it off or snooze it?

  • On my S5 I used to be able to hit the 'Volume-Down' button on the side of my phone which would silence the alarm yet keep it in my notifications for later. My S8+ does not let me do this. Is there a way to get this to work again? Or am I out this option now that I finally upgraded? Thank you.

  • Thank you for your video and do you know if the alarm is controlled by the system or notifications bar when you adjust all of your volumes when clicking the volume button on the left and click on the setting icon in the top left of screen?

  • helllllp 😁All of a sudden I'm not able to add from device. When I click the + at the bottom nothing happens when trying to change alarm tone.