"How to Update" Mobdro Update (Live TV Apk for Android)

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Steps on how to update “Mobdro” to modbro version 2.1.34 (2019-05-01) or any version really. Live TV and most popular channels HBO, CBS, Fox, ESPN ect
Fix the “you are using an unsupported version” and “network error. please check your connection.” “Network error” error messages.

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Adding the MTLFREETV Repo


How to…


  • I want this app to be premium on my Galaxy S6 but every time I click go premium it just what I can get from going premium but theres no option to buy or log in.

    I want the chromecast feature so bad!?!!

  • Since I did mobdro update the other day we now have adds for different apps taking over our screen. When we click on a stream now the adds pop up, goes through its promotion, then we click box on right to get it away. Do you know of away to rid us of this please

  • Hi , after i install mobdro and close it , i wont be able to open it again on my android box. I just click on the app and nothing happens. Do you know how i can fix this insted of reinstalling it every time? Thanks