Lenovo HW01 SmartBand (India) Unboxing & Full Review- Worth it?

The all new Lenovo HW01 Smart Band (buy: is a stylish, light weight, rugged & feature rich fitness band with 1,999 Rs ~ $30 price tag ($25 in China). So it’s a direct competitor to the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 (same price). Is this new HW01 really worth it? Should you buy it? Let’s find out!

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  • I was about to purchase this from Flipkart and seen your review and it was good. Also seen some other review stating that is not from Lenovo India at all, please advise. What will be the best budget band that you can suggest that work good on iPhone? or maybe a budget smartwatch working with iPhone?

  • By its last software update did the battery life will become drain and the Lenovo hw 01 smart band monitor will become less accurate as technical gogi has updated his video and he is facing many problems after last update is it true or myth tell me

  • Hi, Thanks for posting such a good video. I have few questions and would like you to help and answer:-
    1) Please share the link of the lenovo smart bracelet app for IOS you have shown in the video.
    2) I have switched on the location and bluetooth in my phone but unable to link it to the app. When i searched i got two app: Lenovo Healthy By Hong Jiang and lenovo smart band by national electronics. None of these open.
    It would be highly appreciable if you can help.
    Because flipkart is not ready to take back the product.

  • does this band has a feature like mi band 2 has? Its reminder of take a walk after sitting 30 mins or 1 or 2 hours continuously on a chair. I had MI Band 2 and it was amazing in this feature. Unfortunately I have lost my MI Band 2. I will buy Lenovo HW01 only if this feature will be in it because I sit in my office for 9-10 hours a day. Please reply me.