Lenovo K3 Note vs Lenovo A7000 – Quick comparison !

Both the phones are wel priced and good at their price but which one is better?
Lenovo K3 Note vs Lenovo A7000 – Quick comparison !
What is Dalvik cache and Cache-
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  • you will see that lenovo a7000 performance is better than that of k3 note because of 720p screen on a7000. it will have to drive less number of pixels when compared to k3 note. 🙂 kudos for the video.. 🙂

  • Dude. Your review is good but i think front camera of a7000 is much better then K3 note. As shown in this video too. Plus you can clearly see in K3 note when you see image after click it get cut a little bit from top and bottom.

  • k3note/a7000plus/a7000Turbo are all literally the same phone.. The only reason the k3 got the marshmallow update because it had the largest market release where as the other two were only releases I smaller Asian markets as opposed to global release

  • man, its no more a comparison! you've made it like an advertisement.. firstly you don't focus on the written image n capture a snap with the a7000 n conclude it having low blured cam, even while taking the second selfie, your a7000 was intentionally jerked n was concluded it with pixeleration . secondly, you're using a HD nexus wallpaper in the k3 whereas you're comparing it with a normal stock lenovo a7000 wallpapers.. your conclusion are totally vague! better analyse before setting up an actual review n next time onwards don't make it one-sided :p this was dumb indeed