Lenovo Legion Y740 15-inch unboxing and first impressions

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Unboxing and first impressions of the Lenovo Legion Y740 15-inch model with a Core i7-8750H and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070.


  • If you want an elegant laptop and sexy and good performance choose razer blade 15, if you want elegance and more big screen and good performance choose msi gs 75,if you want good temperature which means long life laptop, good performance and low fans too and nice in a portable concept then choose lenovo y 740, but if you want the ultimate laptop today only you have to sacrifice a little portability then choose alienware area 51m i9 rtx 2080!my personal taste is msi gs 75 rtx 2070 which I bought and feel great!

  • Does your pc sufer from back light bleed? i have mine, the same model as in the video, i love it except it has a bit of backlight bleed…. Can you confirm? or can you put up a video showing us?

  • I just ordered this model with a 17" screen. Is it really that big? When gaming, I have heard lots of people say the 15" is a bit too small so I'm quite torn. Also the RTX 2080 is only available on the 17" screen…hmmmmm….

  • Cant wait for the Y540. Still kinda nervous on what Lenovo will do to it. Like the price is starting at $930 so like 1/2 the Y740 but with most the specs so something with shitty quality gonna come in it

  • So… which screen do you prefer? the 15 or 17? Do the bezels on the 17'' take away since they are thicker than the 15'' models thinner? Any quality/build difference between?

  • I got my y740 15in with rtx 2070 mq version earlier this week. It came with a serious problem. It wobbles which means one of the four feet is off the ground when placed on the flat table. I called Lenovo and the guy said it was his first time he has ever heard about this problem after joining Lenovo. He created a case number for me to contact technical support for replacement. I have got a bunch of things to do recently so I just gave up talking to them eventually. However, giving up doesn’t mean I don’t care about the money I spent, just like you mentioned in the video, it’s pointless to spend thousand bucks on something with very bad built quality. Anyway I’ll not consider buying Lenovo gaming laptop again when purchasing over 2500 dollars. I’ll only consider thinkpad for daily office work in the future if needed and meanwhile build a good desktop pc or workstation for training my models.
    Also what is interesting is I cannot find anywhere on their website to write a review. In the review section of this product, it says "No reviews have been submitted yet."