Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga (3rd Gen) Review: Still Great in 2019?

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This is the unboxing and review of the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga (3rd Gen) by AMDtech

Tech Specs
Processor ? Up to 8th Generation…


  • Have just bought it with the same strange and low speed SSD.

    Immediately SSD has been changed by Samsung 970 EVO Plus and now read/write = 3,500/3,200.

    Yes, Samsung has launched 970 Evo Plus in Jan 2019, but it was required for this beautiful laptop.

    Hope 4th Gen will have 970 EVO Plus )

  • Why wouldn't it be great in 2019? It's basically a year or two old. Try saying that to a 2014 era Lenovo and you'll find even 3rd and/or 4th gen i5/i7's still perform perfectly fine.

  • YouTubers singing the praise of Lenovo may be doing so based on the Thinkpad legacy from IBM. Lenovo's quality has not only gone down but they were recently ranked 2nd to dead last from Laptop Magazine. People on Reddit who love Thinkpads are complaining about problems a lot lately with build quality, the powder coating coming scraping off the edges, poor battery life, noisy fans and tons of backlight bleed even on their flagship P1. Much of the complaints are coming from The X1 Carbon, X1 Extreme and the P1. Lenovo simply won't help customers and when they replace machines during the return period Lenovo makes the customer wait several weeks to get their replacements. Time to move onto other brands because Lenovo is NOT IBM when it comes to the Thinkpads. I speak from experience with 3 faulty X1 Carbons.

  • This was a great video, however Very interesting on X1 Yoga 4th gen and comparison between 3rd and 4th. But, as there are no news about it (except CES 2019) yet, is it realistic to expect it on June ?

  • I've had mine for 6 months with the i5, its absolutely great. I wish I could have spent more on the i7 but I dont need it. Such a handy laptop for traveling aswell and how can you best that display?

  • I went for this version also, because I need it for illustratios and also the huge amount of ports it has compared to other drawing laptops of a similar price. When the keyboard retracts, that is awesome. The down side is the graphics card, but when watching movies it' s great. I haven't plsyed any gsmes on it yet.

  • I'm looking at this and the C930. I'd be curious to know what you think: if you had to pick one, which would you pick? I'm leaning toward this for the faster processor, better battery life and Thinkpad ruggedness. But the C930 has true 4k, the option of a 2 tb ssd and while it doesn't have as many warranty options, comes in at $400 cheaper. While $400 is still $400 I also want to have the best as I want it to last for longer than 3 years and handle travel (like international). And I was very surprised that I liked the silver on the Thinkpad. Would love your opinion 🙂 Not gaming on this. Development work, likely some MS Office, Affinity photo, forex trading (when I'm not tunneling into my desktop) and maybe some 3d with Blender.

  • Dear Andrew. As usual this is a great review. I was checking some of your old reviews and I found one for the Asus transformer 3 pro that was appealing to the point that I would like to get it but it is no longer available in Amazon neither in Best buy or Ebay. Do you know any place where I can find it in NYC or with an online seller? Many thanks in advance for any advise

  • Hi Andrew. I agree with most of your comments except the one related to the web cam. I believe that a premium device like this one should have a better web camera. I understand that most brands give little relevance to this area. In general I also believe this is an awesome device even up to today standards. Thanks for your videos I love your professional approach and excellence. Keep up the good work.

  • Love the way you introduce products, I looked back many of your previous videos when I first saw your channel, just letting you know that I have never comments on YouTube videos, but I am always looking forward to see your YouTube update, please keep your passions, and hope you are doing better and find a balance support and you don’t have to purchase with your own money anymore 😉

  • I love the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga. Beautiful device. I wish it had an option for dedicated graphics, even a low end card like the MX250. It would really make it the ultimate device for content creators. What do you think of the X1 Yoga vs. X1 Extreme for 4k video editing?

  • Great review as always! Though my OCD would like to suggest that when you show the bar graphs, sort the computers from best to worst. This will make it easier for us to compare the review model with other laptops.

  • I have had a decent experience with Lenovo devices. The hardware has great specs and the i/o interfaces are plentiful.

    My problem is with their occasional manufacturing mistakes (it seems to be too many), and the bloat of software.