Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Wacom AES Pen Demo

Lisa Gade demonstrates the Wacom AES pen included with the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga convertible Ultrabook with a 360-degree hinge. She tests Photoshop CC, Clip Studio Paint, ArtRage and OneNote.

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The X1 Yoga is the convertible version of the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon. It has a 14” display, weighs 2.8 lbs. and…


  • Always appreciate your reviews Lisa, but does the Lenovo/Wacom issues still persist? Windows 10 doesn't play well and completely breaks the Wacom drivers. Lenovo Yoga would have been the perfect device for me but I might have to go with HP spectre since its using windows ink, any knowledge on this?

  • I have really, really tiny hands (family calls them 'child hands'). Do you think this pen would be okay for me? Some people say it's too small to comfortably use for hours. Would you suggest NOT using this as a sole digital art medium, too? You keep saying it doesn't look natural, and I don't want that. 🙁

  • Unfortunately for me an maybe most non native english speakers you modulation is not enough to get all details. which is trully unfortunate because you deliver lots of useful info

  • Hi Lisa. See most of these comments are a year old but maybe mine will arrive to you also. I am new to this tech stuff, spent the last 4 months going through these videos to get an understanding as to which computer would be best for my needs. For the first time ever, I plan to start to use a computer for note taking in classes as well as mtgs, etc. I will also be creating newsletters and simple videos and have absolutely no clue what in these computers will allow me to do that as all that is like another language to me and coming up on Black Friday will not have another 4+ mo the to research this. I have heard Black Friday may be a good time to purchase a new machine. I have been using a business machine for the last 11 years and do believe there maybe something to their being more sturdy. The rest is a mystery. Usually working with 20 tabs open at a time probably need a fairly good deal of on board storage and most likely up to 1TB of ROM. I will be taking it out of the office and having a software program that may need up to a GB for it though not positive.i see it looks like you have not replied to comments for awhile but perhaps this one might catch your eye.Thank you.

  • wow it looks like Wacom AES pens have even worse diagonal line jitter/wobble than Ntrig. I think the bigger the screen the worse it gets. It's amazing that neither Ntrig nor Wacom have fixed this issue; it's been around since the first ultrabook hybrids came out in early 2011!

  • Looking at a still picture when drawing a line this looks really disappointing. I do not know how much prediction and physical modelling goes into estimating the current position , but having a >10mm spacing between pen and line at ~24-25 fps in a still picture at ~100-300mm/s (painting speed) is an awfully long delay for intuitive sketching. However even the ipad-pro with its 120Hz and dedicated hardware does not seem to be perfect in this case…

  • Hello! Thanks to your videos I've bought my X1 Yoga!

    But now, I've a problem with the stylet while using Onenote (tablet application). Whenever I insert a form (line, arrow etc), it scrolls all the way to the top of the page and puts it on the top left corner, and it makes me lose a lot of time to scroll down back to where I want to insert it! If I add it with my finger there's no problem but I can't be precise. I thought it might be a problem with the stylus or the App itself. I can't find a solution to it anywhere, so in my desperate moment, I'm asking you if have any idea about it!

    Thank you!

  • Thank-you for this review, Lisa!

    I think I've probably mentioned it before, but in case not… It's just so great that you've started doing these reviews which focus on the artist user base! There's a bunch of us out here. (Look at that view count!)

    Very helpful!

    On a side note about the actual device…

    AES..! Gah!

    -If only that jitter could be gotten rid of, this would be a fine solution. It's 90% there. Maybe even 95%. -It's workable enough, but I actually returned to my old (read, "ancient") Toshiba Tecra M4 from 2004! -Partly because I broke the screen on my new 15.6" Dell Inspiron 7568, but also…

    Well, after spending several months making comics on the Dell (with Wacom's AES system), I managed to break the screen. (New computers have such delicate screens these days.)

    So I pulled out the old Tecra, and Wow! The screen quality is dim and dull by comparison to modern LCD tech, but… Gosh, that EMR from "Back in the Day" is sweet!

    I didn't quite realize just how much extra work it takes to draw a clean line with AES! The amount of attention energy spent on compensating for an imperfectly engineered drawing solution is not inconsiderable, so going back to a tool which can, (shock!) actually draw a straight friggin' line felt I'd been training with weights strapped to my limbs for the past six months!

    When doing comic book inking and lettering, having a tool capable of drawing a clean line without jitter *matters*. Heck, even drawing a clean word balloon took twice as much work with AES. -I licensed a copy of Lazy Nezumi, and while it can help, just turning it on annoyed me, as it requires an extra layer of nonsense steps to get what ought to be a simple job done.

    Like I said.., AES is not a bad technology, and I got plenty of decent work done with it. But the next tablet I get will either be really old, (with EMR) or one of those Wacom-built portable Cintiq boards, (with EMR).

    AES is like using cheap, synthetic paints rather than the good stuff. I don't have the patience for messing around with amateur tools anymore.

  • Hello, I had bought a lenoov yoga and for some reason the touch doesnt seem to work on the canvas.
    Will it work with this stylus ur using? if so, can you please tell me its name?
    tnx in advance 🙂

  • Is there a problem with the pen cursor shooting away from the pen itself when approaching the edge of the screen?? I had this problem with the ThinkPad x230t and it is pretty annoying when using One Note and such.

  • Would you do a comprehensive inking comparision — Surface Pen (N-Trig) vs. Apple Pencil vs. Synaptics vs. Wacom AES? Could you rank the solutions for digital artists vs. note takers? A bit of a request but my head is spinning trying to decide lol.

  • +MobileTechReview Hey Lisa, what laptop would you consider to be the best overall for an Engineering student who wants to take fully digital notes (probably in OneNote) while also using the laptop for other intensive programs? Basically I'm looking for a great note taking device that doesn't sacrifice ergonomics or other functions that you'd look for in a traditional laptop. I've been looking into the Surface Book (i7, 16GB RAM, dGPU) as well as the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga (i7, 16GB RAM), what would you suggest?

  • Thank-you, Lisa for another excellent review!

    I think you're the only main stream tech journalist who listens to the arts community. It is very much appreciated! 🙂

  • What I want to know is. Does this 2 in 1 allow for multiple finfer touches? After all, it goes into tablet mode. Being able to pinch to zoom in and out is something that should be standard. If not able, would the OLED version coming out soon have it?