Lenovo Yoga Book Hands On Review (Android Edition)

Last week we went over the Lenovo Yoga Book Windows version, so this week I have the Yoga Book Android version. This version is the best one from the Yoga Book lineup.

Lenovo Yoga Book (Windows) Review –

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  • I don't own one yet have a question. How can you take a screensnap when the keyboard is folded back, off, and the LCD screen is held as a portrait tablet?

    EDIT to add: I downloaded the manual for the Android N version. I see a screenshot icon in the Notification shade. I guess that's it?

  • this guy is a good communicator teacher..would have liked to see him do more with the unit since i have one on the way..but what he showed was done with genuine zeal and an understanding which puts him ahead of the pack

  • The android version seems to have an occasional bug of inexplicably switching the keyboard settings to French. Had to return it because it was really getting on my nerves.

    Just FYI!

  • The functionality that you demonstrate around 08:40m, capturing notes whilst the Yoga is switched off. What if your notes (i.e. in a business meeting) amount to more than one side of A5 paper… what happens when you turn the page and continue writing on the second page? How does the Yoga recognise that this is a new page of notes and not capture the second page of notes directly over the first page of notes in that app… or doesn't it?

    I was torn between the two versions of t his but you and your great review have made me very HAPPY to have gotten the Android version!

    I really don't like the direction WIndows is going just really unnecessarily complicated & NOT very user friendly at all!

    And like you said it keeps the price down though Walmart is charging $399 & I found it on Amazon for $329!

    I am so happy to see Lenovo a brand which I have secretly admired from afar being a dedicated ASUS guy for my last so many laps still love ASUS..

    But wanted just an alternative tablet leaning device ..
    I do have the ASUS flip Chromebook but never quite adjusted to the keys on the back of the device when used as a tablet..

    Lenevo I think is the first convertible device that has completely solved that issue with the virtual keyboard as soon as I saw this laptop/tablet I flipped myself!

    It is just genius and I think Lenovo has innovated this concept I just never imagined this issue could be resolved but here was the concept it was always out there (the virtual keyboard) but again Lenovo as far as I know is the first capitalize on this technology & have the foresight to implement it into this most excellent convertible concept!

    Your review is clear cut to the point & I am totally there with you as you breeze through the wonderful android features of this version!

    Thank you so so much brother!
    I'm loving it can't wait til it arrives this week! 🙂

    All the best bud! 😉

  • I have de windows version. Maybe this android version is more fast than windows, because the windows version moves a complet desktop OS. If we try the same apps in android and windows, the performance will be very similar (maybe with better times of charge in apps on android). On the other side, the windows version don't have any issue with the touchpad, in fact, is much better than android. The windows version have a little circle in the middle of the touchpad: when you use the halo keyboard, the touchpad desactivates and you need pass your finger over that little circle for work with the touchpad again.

  • Hi! I want t replace my old tablet with a new one. I use my tablet in bed reading books a lot. Do you think this would be convenient with the Levono yoga? I'm thinking of using it in 'presentation mode' or tent mode when i'm reading books. This should be great compairing to my tablet that always lands on my nose when I'm sometimes begin to fall a sleep reading ;). Also I have never learned how to write fast with the keyboard, I only use my indexfingers. Is this a good as a tablet or is it to heavy or laggy? I'm referring to the Android version.
    Hope that you can answer my questions.
    Christina from Sweden

  • Hi, great video! I'm really interested in getting the yoga book but is still struggling on buying either the windows or android version, as I'd need to use it to do office work as well. I would like to know your experiences on working with the microsoft apps (especially powerpoint and word) on the android version. Is it as the same and powerful as the ones running on windows (such as inserting animation, editing, creating ppt)? Is it productive enough to get office work done? I could really use some feedback write now. Thanks!

  • i have looked at soooo many reviews on this tablet as l need a new laptop/tabletThank you so much for your excellent review,l understood everything and l am off to buy one tomorrowbest wishes….Suzanne from London UK

  • Love your review! first one i've seen that points out very interesting useability features, instead of just covering the basic stuff like – "yeah the pen works as intended with the features given by lenovo" (of course it does! :D). keep up the good work.