Lenovo Yoga Book Review: The Future Is (Almost) Here

It’s easy to say that using the Lenovo Yoga Book feels like living in the future, but with its inclusion of (literal) pen-and-ink technology and an all-touch keyboard reminiscent of the first Microsoft Surface, it’s just as accurate to call it a leap into the past. Find out if this split personality hurts or helps the latest 2-in-1 from Lenovo in MrMobile’s Lenovo Yoga Book review!


MrMobile’s Lenovo Yoga Book Review was produced after seven days with a Lenovo Yoga Book…


  • It is bizarre how my google pixel tablet just never worked with the bluetooth keyboard. After a couple years of trying, resetting the OS, testing with other bluetooth keyboards the results are in. Both the keyboard and tablet function independently, bot not together. LOL. This is after many hours of google support on the phone.

  • So so helpful thanks for the awesome review.. Clear and precise. Explaining even small details, the pros and cons. IT is really up to the buyer/consumers. Almost probably out of curiosity the reason for buying this but for my own reason perfect gift for my daughter who loves to explore her 1st step in creativity/drawings/writing. Nothing last forever but hopefully this would last long enough. Thanks again for the review

  • I have a Lenovo yoga book 2 in 1 Android tablet PC. It has a micro HDMI port and I already have a micro HDMI to HDMI connector. Can I connect a HDMI windows stick PC to my yoga book and get taste of both windows and Android?

  • I know this is over a year ago not my 1 1/2 year has plucked the keys from 3 laptops and spilled his water on an another. This is perfect for people like me with Ludite toddlers

  • I tried a recent Yoga on display at a store- did "the quick brown fox". I'd have been just as successful pounding my head on the keypad. That thing was a horror show.