LG Curved OLED TV (55EA9800) Vs Samsung Curved OLED TV

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Hands on video of the LG Curved 3D OLED TV, and also the Samsung Curved OLED TV.

As you can see LG put on a much larger display for the curved OLED TV than Samsung did.

Also, the LG curved OLED TV has a model number (LG EA9800) and LG recently planned on putting the TV into production for release later this year, and also spoke about the potential of different sized curved OLED TVs.


  • So for years they were trying to make TV tubes FLATTER and just when they achieved it, what do they do?
    Make them curved again!
    Just to keep you MORONS buying stuff YOU DON'T NEED.
    Go back to sleep, you dumb-assed sheeple…..

  • LG and Samsung also make flat 4K TVs, 55-inch, 65-inch and 84/85-inch.

    Infact Sony have announced a curved (non 4K) standard LED TV. So they're all at this curved game.

    It is some what strange to me that they have released their curved OLED TVs to the U.S public before their flat OLED TVs.

  • Sony makes FLAT 4k TVs (XBR models), but why LG and Samsung makes their CURVE 4k TVs? I've seen Sony FLAT 4k TVs (XBR models) for sale at Best Buy. I have not seen LG and Samsung CURVE 4k TVs for sale at Best Buy yet.

  • Could buy a Super bowl Ticket a Ps4 + 10 games, Go on a week long trip to the Bahamas, get a new Macbook Pro + Ipad and buy a nice bigger inch Smart or 3D T.v for they Price of this baby. Lg Trippin!

  • Yah, like putting THREE of these sets together in a curve doesn't make the "curve" look much more dramatic than if you are just looking at single TV set.

    I am a BIG curved screen fan, having grown up with CinemaScope which always had a cuved screen in the theatres, but those curves were on 50 foot screens. On a little TV set, this very mild curve it is quite unimpressive, and at that price, down-right scary. And with NO passive 3D? They've gotta be kidding?!!

  • What? Just because it is curved it is amazing? What is so new and revolutionary about curved display? How about you wakr up, from the distance it would be the same as flat display