My Top 5 Samsung Gear VR Tips

The Samsung Gear VR has been one of the more fun accessories that I have ever seen for a phone. This video will show you a few of my favorite tips to have a more fun experience.

Gear VR for S9, S9+, Note 8:
Gear VR Controller:

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  • I just got an SM-325R I am using with a Galaxy S7. When I am watching almost any content other than the home screen when I move my head the image/video is very jerky. Is this normal or is there a fix for this that you are aware of. I bought this off ebay with a 1 year square trade warranty Just wondering if this thing is damaged.

  • could you please tell me how to get that Beautiful 3D videos & Games for a VR 325?
    A question ?
    wich one had the best quality by Videos & Games,? Someone told me that the version 322 better quality then VR 325 on Videos & Games. is it True?

    My best Regards.