OCULUS TV and its SECRET – Standard Android Apps on the Oculus GO

HERE is my guide on how to (SPOILER :P) install pretty much Every Flat Android App on the Oculus Go, how to uninstall apps without adb and how to play Steam Games on the Oculus Go!

If you have any question let me know in the comments below!

Thanks again to Colonelizzy for the discovery and check the reddit post for more informations

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  • Ciao Guys! I'm sorry for the Audio, but I had some problems with the Mic and I had to use a shotgun mic that was echoing a little 🙂 I tried Nova Luncher but even if at the beginning you can change the options and configurations, at the end will crash.. pretty happy for the SteamLink App!! just Amazing!!

  • The app I'm most interested in at the moment is the CBS All Access Android App. This will allow me to watch Star Trek: Discovery on the Go. I love watching Netflix on it!

  • Today the Go launched in EU …. nice pice/price of Tech .
    Saw that is even possibel to play Elite Dangerous on the Go …ower wifi+PC of course ^^
    keep up the good work mate