One Plus, Redmi dangerous? : Interview With Tech Reviewer Satire Seetha Raman | Mobile Radiation

Seetha Raman of Tech Satire channel explains about the radiations involved in the mobile phones and the importance of SAR Value issued by the Mobile Phone manufacturers. He lists out the best phones in the market with less SAR value and phones with high value.

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  • ada mutha pasanga la konjam arivu use pannunga … China Kum America Kum aagaathu ..
    pona varsham one plus and xiaomi market la apple la cross pannuchu

    adhunaala thaan one plus n xiaomi radiation adigamnu America kaaran venumay sonna porali da ..

  • Fridge la coil melt agum ah?? Poda joker. Ne ae oru Anda pulugan aagaasa pulugan. Unna Ella edhuku Da interview edukranga… Seetha Raman. Name super. Hair style super o super.

  • Thavarana thagaval Xiaomi A1 mobile India SAR value 1.75 kedayathu… That is Germany device SAR value…. Watch CyberTamizha YouTube channel video for more details about SAR value..

  • Good News to everyone to learn more about electronic products and we use as safe as we can do it. Indiaglitz You posted this video 👌👌👌👌 & Good information told by the guy to learn everyone……continue