OnePlus 3T vs Galaxy S7 edge Speed Test, AnTuTu, Camera Speed, Multitasking

OnePlus 3T vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge comparison speed test, AnTuTu benchmark, camera speed, multitasking, design, and more.


  • I own a OnePlus 3T, on the midnight black version. It is beautiful. It is very flipping fast, a very powerful phone. Now, let's keep in mind that the scores on antutu are not really that important , especially on a Samsung flagship phone, because the phone needs to push more pixels. They are both 2 amazing phones, each with their features, but I still like the Oneplus 3T morethan the galaxy s7 edge.

  • OP3t rendimiento, s7 edge, cámara así de simple, si quieres un teléfono para sacarte fotos con poca o harta Luz y no te importa el rendimiento del teléfono s7 seguro, si quiere un teléfono solo para juegos de buen rendimiento y te preocupa que no se pegue, OP3T 😉

  • Bro…I wanna know that my budget is about 30k..Oneplus 3t is the phone that comes in my mind in this is worthy to purchase it??? Because lots of are coming & Samsung is giving water resistance phone i.e. A5 2017 & it has the same cameras of 16 & 16 of front and back. so….what do u suggests? Where should I go? Samsung. Oneplus  or else??

  • I've been hearing about this phone… Very fast in all aspects, and a fraction of the price of Sammy, LG, or HTC… My carrier did not offer it though… I only wish I could've obtained my current handset the way I got my last one… Unlocked and fully paid for!

  • Android fans should not be fighting about which phone is better. They are both good and you cant go wrong with each one, especially the opo3t with the new Nougat 7.0 update. Opo3t is LESS expensive and has awsome soft/hard ware, great camera,great battery, great material. The s7 has water resistance, better screen bcuz of 1440p(for some a big point) and the best battery of all high-end smartphones. Both are good. Lets attack Iphones instead of our Android fans OK?