OnePlus 5 vs Galaxy S8!! CAMERA Test Comparison!! (4K)

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OnePlus 5 Camera Review:
OnePlus 5 vs 3T:
Galaxy S8 vs Sony Xperia XZ Premium:

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  • Well S8 results is way better than one+5 but not the price point, one question still there why one+ didn't implement ois in that phone? Coz they call it flagship killer…

  • In other vids OnePlus 5 rear camera does not well in low light. In this vid it seems better then the S8. I'm confused. Are these pics taken in auto mode? Any other reason?

  • Personally I felt:
    Resolution Replica, Selfie Camera, 4K Video, Audio Reproduction, Shadows and Highlights, Clarity, Indoor and Outdoor Photos in general – Oneplus 5
    Optical Image Stabilization, Instant Focus, Video with lot of movements – Samsung Galaxy S8

  • The S8 rear camera is much better image better quality and better stabilisation than the one +5. But there is a twist give one +5 has a better stabilisation in selfie camera so which should I choose because both are very good but both have some cones so which I should buy.

  • So what what you think which phone I should buy because I am confused to get one of them. Give me your preference and I definitely get it. Space I will wait for your reply thank you ……