Oneplus 6 vs Samsung S9 Plus Camera Comparison ft. Fat Biker Vaibhav|Oneplus 6 Camera Review

A massive camera comparison between Oneplus 6 and Samsung S9 Plus with more than 25 sample shots and 16 video samples including super slow motion videos at 960FPS and 480FPS.

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Instrumental produced by Chuki


  • Samsung is not comparable to even OnePlus in slowmotion even s9 plus has 960 fps no use because of very less time for about 2 to 5 seconds where OnePlus can take up to 1min in 480fps. So clearly OnePlus is winner here. And hardly I didn't notice any difference between them. And still see clearly in 7:00 to 7:06 still OnePlus has better video stabilization. And also camera performance still OnePlus is better in this price range. Where his OnePlus 6 still didn't get nightscape mode update and 6t has nightscape mode which night shot performance is increased. So clearly OnePlus is winner. Not worth for spending that much money for Samsung. If u want to spend then go for Google pixels or iPhones.

  • Friend I have a s9 and appeared an opportunity to exchange in a oneplus 6 8gb of RAM and 128gb of storage. Is analyzing the cameras for photos in auto mode worth it? More and more success Hugs.

  • Samsung kills oneplus in terms of normal Photo (oneplus is a blurry mess right now 9.0.2)
    Oneplus 6 is godlike on 4K stabilisation though and video quality. Id choose oneplus if you need a fast phone with good battery and S9+ or wait for S10 any day if you're a heavy photographer πŸ™‚

  • Hi…bro mai apke sari video dekhta hu mhuje apke camera comparison mere leya perfect suggtn lgta h mhuje ek help chahiya mai actully decide ni kar parha hu ki kon sa phone lu s9plus ya one plus 6t kon sa best hoga

  • Bhai.. The Tech Chap also showed the same comparison video.. Oneplus 6 is on par with the S9 plus in many many areas?? Have you updated the oneplus 6 and then compared? Just asking coz I'm confused watching your video and The Tech Chap's video..

    But good comparison bro