OnePlus 6T Could Look Like This

The OnePlus 6T will launch later this year, probably in November. OnePlus has taken a lot of design cues from Oppo and it is believed that the One Plus 6T will look like the Oppo R17. The OnePlus 6 leaks suggest the device could have a wireless charging this time. The OnePlus 6T rumors suggest the device will launch in November 2018. The release date should be a week after the launch.

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  • lmao whats the point in having a notch that small, sure its less obvious than other but i guess its a way to set them selves apart from the rest of the notch club? idk xd, just thought it was funny when i first saw it

  • Things to be added in op6t-
    1. IP67 or IP68 rating
    2. Wireless charging (which i think op won't add because of dash charging)
    3. A better use of secondary dual lens(wide angle or telephoto lens)
    4. QHD screen
    5. Increasing battery capacity(As it overthrown by samsung note 9 massive 4000mAh battery)

  • I want to see a small bezel on top and bottom and IP67 water resistance. I have the Oneplus 6 and other than the fact that the notch is ugly, it makes many problem on many apps. You can't view photos correctly, if you have a full screen chrome page you can't read what's written on top and more… Wireless charging they may add or may not but I don't really care because why would you even use it instead of dash charging?

  • Stereo speakers, better camera, better display, ip rating and I'm good to go. I can care less about that fingerprint display. Won't be faster than the one on the regular 6. I would trade my 6 in for the 6T if it had those upgrades on it…

  • Fragile glass design again 🙁 ?☹️? it's not a phone to use day to day, it's something like glass statue to put in the protected shelve just to look at it without touching it. Pity. Sad. It's not a geek phone anymore 🙁 ?☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️