OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10+ | Flagship Killed?

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We’ve been comparing OnePlus devices with the latest Galaxy for years, and usually the OnePlus wins. See, while the Galaxy has always been a better phone, the differences were never enough to warrant the substantial differences in price tag. The OnePlus was just good enough.

Thing is, that dynamic has changed. The OnePlus 7 Pro is a completely different beast that now doesn’t just compete with specs and price. This wants to be a better phone than its competitors, and still priced…


  • I bought the OnePlus 7 Pro ( im an old and dedicated samsung user ) i wanted to see if they were talking bs or if they were legit and to be honest i was kinda hyped for it too just wishing they told the truth AND THEY DID!! I dont mind the loss of wireless charging its still stationary so what ever.. AND THE WARP CHARGE!! We need to talk about that! Its disgustingly fast.. i put it on the charger on 12% wait 5 minutes and im already at 37% wich is really damn fast! The display is amazing and it feels stupid goinf back to 60Hz screens and the difference is suprisingly noticiable. Oneplus 7 pro IS defienetly the best android phone out there at the moment! If you are looking for speed and amazing smoothness no matter if youre gaming with graphics blasted? OnePlus 7 pro defienetly got game, imma stay on samsung BUT for right now i think OnePlus is in the lead with this beast, so until samsung responds with something mindblowing imms stay on this.. ? sorry…!!! @Samsung ? @Oneplus PLS SPONSOR ME FOR NO REASON ?

  • Dear Jaime Rivera,Please stop providing wrong information to the viewers.The display on the Galaxy is 3k whereas the one on the Oneplus is 2k.Again the Galaxy comes with battery capacity 100mAh more than the OP7 pro.

  • Agree on the software. I’m ditching Samsung soon for OnePlus just because of the annoying Bixby software that pops up when you accidentally swipe the screen sometimes. I still have no idea which gesture causes it to pop up, but I will not be upgrading to the Note 10 to avoid Bixby.

  • Honestly I feel like you can't go wrong with either of these. IMO the Samsung S10+ has expandable memory with the micro-sd card, wireless charging, IP68, and reverse wireless charging. For the Oneplus 7 Pro it has the cheaper price, the 90mhz refresh screen, more screen, and a smoother UI experience, faster charging in the box. In the past I know that Samsung would be better in the camera department compared to Oneplus but I heard with updates and/or downloading the Google camera it might be closer. I'm also wary of cameras with a pop up mechanism just bc I'm worried about degradation or dropping it. But honestly I feel like you can't go wrong with either and I love all the competition that is forcing companies to step up their game.

  • I've gone for OnePlus7 Pro, Almond. Daughter has gone for Samsung but after my own comparison agree with your detailed comments & your conclusion. Thought photos on Samsung shaved it initially but after having taken a number of pics with the OnePlus don't think there much in it at all. Two main factors that sway to the OnePlus is that screen & the price difference.

  • What I like is the ONE PLUS’s UPDATES as a Former Samsung Note User my phones that I paid TOP DOLLAR for became old feeling with-in a years time. I have a draw full of Notes that are slow and that are only a few years old.

  • I'm stuck between these 2 phones lol currently have s7 edge and looking to upgrade as mine as slowed down a lot and doesn't work that well anymore as well as the screen and camera are cracked, I never had a one plus phone before, I've always liked Samsung but I would try something different, should I go one plus 7 pro or s10? Need a good everyday phone that will last me years