Phone Farm & Chill: My Completely Passive Routine [Passive Android Apps PASSIVE INCOME]

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Phone Farm & Chill: My Completely Passive Routine
[Passive Android Apps PASSIVE INCOME]

So I have been busy and have got the farm running passive.
So happy we have some new passive apps like honeygain and current music.
I got into phone farming for the
so glad to to get things back to the way they used to be

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  • Mobile Performance Meter allowed me to create an account when it would not let me for some reason. I also installed AppOptix on my personal phone.

  • I tried current cash, but I was getting the pop up every 30 mins. Maybe you've got an older version that hasn't updated? I've also been trying to go mostly passive on my farm. Got 3 free months of a 2nd ISP to test out and see if I can find a way to make it worth the money paying for 2 IP addresses.

  • Dude you should check out bittorrent speed, its live now and you earn btt tokens by seeding torrents! I do this now instead of gpt sites on my windows laptops!

  • I have had some of the same issues logging in to cashmagnet seems to work ok on my LG phones but it always says cant connect try back later on my 2 Samsung phones. Going to try out hunnygain on some of the phones I pulled off of the Yoo and Perk apps.

  • I think CM Guru might best be able to speak to the issues with Phones on CashMagnet. I will agree on that. I've tried CM on 10 different devices and I have yet to find a device that really works well with it.

  • I wasn’t even making a dollar a day on perk with 9 perk phones. So I switched 3 of them to word search and put 6 of them on app like apps and am earning more now