Redmi Note 5 Pro : After 1 Month Full Review !

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  • I ordered this device from Flipkart on 02-11-2018 and received the device on 04-11-2018. Due to my official work purpose I can't open the package till 06-11-2018 (9 PM), after that time I used the device till yesterday (Last Return Day). And I saw that the device have not support 4G VoLTE Native video calling from It's default dialler (Using Jio 4G / Vodafone 4G/ Airtel 4G Sim Cards). But I received native video call request from another person but I can't request another person to switch voice call to video call or direct video call from native dialler (When I switch voice call to video call the device will shown "Requesting Video" for 2secs. and immediately after shown "Can't Update Video" and when I make direct video call from it's native dialler at the same time to make voice call the device will sounded "This number is temporarily unavailable or switch off"). Video call made by me only through any 3rd party video calling dialler apps likes Google Duo, Truecaller, WhatsApp etc. So It is a big fault in this season. Because all of the brands support 4G VoLTE Native video calling feature. I request you to every buyer of this device is truly check the native video calling feature using any 4G VoLTE Sim cards like Jio 4G. And please stop the fraud by Xiaomi and Flipkart also. Because Xiaomi place the False "Video Call" button when I dial any 4G VoLTE numbers from my 4G VoLTE number and also Flipkart is disclose this feature to their valuable customer without any hesitation. When I call Flipkart Customer Care they clearly said "Please visit manufacturer's service centre for this issue or Replace the device with a same. So Please Co-operate with me in this matter and help me to took the decision is the device will return? Or Consult with manufacturer's service centre? Thank You…

  • what a dumb reviewer…says fingerprint sensor average & ram management not good! huh..India's top tech you tubers have told that it is one of the best phone in this price range in overall aspects, so who is he??!!!