Redmi Y3 vs Galaxy A70 vs Vivo V15 Pro: the 32MP selfie comparison with surprising conclusion

If you are looking for the best selfie camera smartphone. This is the comparison that you should be checking out. #32MPSelfieTest

Host: Ershad
Editor: Nitesh

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  • Hey, I really want to ask something. The thing is i am thinking about buy a good phone and i only prefer two brands they are Samsung and Oneplus. Now A70 and 6t is on the same rate almot till 7th of this month and i am confused to select one. I am not a heavy user i dont play much games mostly i stick with social meadias like insta,fb,linkedin etc. i strongly prefer battery life and camera from a smatphone. So which should i go for? Galaxy A70 or Oneplus 6T. Please give me a detailed answer.

  • Mere a70 ki selfies me colour pheeka ata hai.
    Coming from oppo f7 i don't like its selfie camera, and it click 8 mp selfies in snapchat. Anyone can tell me how to change the selfie camera resolution in snapchat?

  • Assalamualaikum irshad bhai,
    I like the way you review, you are so passionate about your profession 👌👍👍👍
    Suggest me a phone between 10 to 12000 thousand, which have these features I need,
    Very good display, very good audio quality for both,,,3.5mm jack and speaker,
    Cameras are my most special requirement,
    And battery should have 4000 mah minimum

  • Bro wait … Selfie cameras are not made for purposes which u r trying to find in this video …. They r made for making faces look more appealing. If u want details, dynamic range, accurate colour, then look for back camera… Selfie cameras r made for taking selfie not for a great detailed pics with accurate colour reproduction….no one will take selfie if camera takes a detailed pic with all pimples and dark spots on faces… Hope u understand what i am trying to tell