REVIEW: DigiLand Android Tablet Portable DVD Player?!

DigiLand Portable DVD Player/Android Wi-Fi Tablet DL1001
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Portable DVD Player with 10.1-Inch Touschscreen: Enjoy your favorite DVD movies on a widescreen at home or on the go. Compatible with a variety of disc formats. Simple and quick to install and disassemble on car headrest with the included mounting bracket.
Android 7.0 Wi-Fi Tablet: The Digiland tablet has the Android 7.0 OS to ensure easy usage and added application options. Equipped…


  • An interesting Tablet With an amzing Features:

    Digiland can be used as: a tablet ,portable DVD, pottable screen, ,business , and if u plug micro cable into USB , can plug a mouse and keyboards, which it can be 5 in 1 or 4 in 1 👍👍👍

  • Wow. I'm surprised the drive isn't even a BD drive, though.

    Also, can it read DVD data discs? (Edit: oh wait, probably not, because it appears to be an Android tablet and DVD video player connected via a bridge app)