Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Smart Fridge

The Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Smart fridge., takes the connected home to another level with easy of use and mobile connectivity.

Samsung Family Hub 2.0

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  • The next generation of these fridge, will have the touch screen shopper installed. Just make a grocery list on the touch screen tablet, and like "The Jetsons" the ordered food will materialize in frige in just seconds….

  • A fridge is suppose to last a good 10 to 15 years. All that technology will be obsolete long before then. Someone will have come up with an affordable wall mounted tablet for the kitchen that does all that.

  • Can I play Minecraft on this fridge? How about Fortnite? I'm curious as to if the entire android system is inside the door so you could pull the door off and have a giant tablet and play games on it.

    Also, Will it run DOOM?

  • super cool but the expiry date of everything in the fridge and the cheapest stores where you can get what you have in the fridge (update) functionality is missing. I really like this design

  • It doesn't work at all. I just got my fridge on Tuesday. They advertise that you can do phone-fridge and t.v. mirroring. But what they fail to tell you is that it only works to Samsung t.v.s. Which, I don't understand because I can mirror my Samsung Galaxy on my LG tv. So why can't I mirror my LG TV to my Samsung fridge? This is a waste of money. I wish I would've never bought it. And I am sure they could come up with a software solution. I see a class action suit for false advertising.