Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro Unboxing and Hands-on

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This is the unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro for Straight Talk wireless I purchase this device on Black Friday for $49 so far I’m very satisfied with the purchase if you enjoyed this unboxing and Hands-On please hit the thumbs up button and please subscribe to the channel for more future videos

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  • Best phone I've had so far. Longest lasting too.
    I got it when it was brand new.
    Around $140.
    Granted it may not be as good as its predecessors, but for someone on a budget and not looking to buy a $300+ phone, it is awesome.
    Plus, the durability and lack of technical issues make it that much better.

    It's also the only phone that has not gone obsolete yet compared to my previous phones.

  • I bought the Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro for Straight Talk wireless yesterday and initialized it today. It was a horrible experience dealing with straight talk and their policies. Nothing went as intended. They made a mess of everything and I've spent hours with them trying to fix their messes. Some could not be corrected. I could just hang my head and cry, but I have no doubt that none of them give a damn.

  • Thanks for the nice info video. I only know enough about a smart phone to do the basics, but am trying to learn a little more on this phone. I'm old and when I was a kid, my dream was to have a princess phone in my room. Never happened. So teach an "ole dog" like me is so hard, but I'm trying. So thanks and have a great day. Peg

  • I didn't know until I seen this that you can take a picture while recording video. That is awesome. I also like that you can pause recording. That will be be great while on a trip. What memory card do you recommend for this?

  • Ordered this today from qvc for $99.98 w/free shipping. Comes with a year of service and 1500 minutes, so no having to pay the expensive straight talk price every single month. Should arrive in a day or two, so can't wait. Upgrading from the LG Treasure…

  • Aside from the INSANE great deal of $49 @ Wal–mart, The other reason I bought this phone was that my daily use S6 active runs on ATT 4G LTE and coverage REALLY sucks in my area and I wanted to test this J7 Sky pro on Verizon network and bars are FULL !!!! So Verizon WINS !!!!!!!