Samsung Galaxy M20 vs Redmi Note 6 Pro Blind Camera Test! Which is better?

In this video let’s do blind camera comparison between Redmi Note 6 Pro & Samsung Galaxy M20! Which one do you think will win? & did you guess it correctly?
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  • Samsung have tendency to overexpose images on back camera and redmi note 6 pro done face beautification in selfie even you turn off beautification…..
    I think device A is redmi note 6 pro…..
    Because device A done portrait job perfectly…..

  • Hey dhananjay i have installed Android Pie (9.0.0) in my Redmi Note 4 following your video but i dont want it now so i need to change my ROM back to the stock ROM and to do that i have seen your another video of ''how to rollback to stock rom'' but that is not working in my device while falshing the stock rom file i see ERROR 7 about this package is for nickle device,this is MIDO,
    i cant resolve this problem kindly help to get me out of it or please suggest me any easy method of switching from lineage to miui version of my redmi note 4.,please bro help me i need that back, some feature of this OS is not supporting my phone and i am facing some problems as well.

  • This is what Technical Guruji need to do. With so many subscribers, he made fool of us. Moreover, he didn't apologize at all. Such an arrogant guy. He only wants money. Throw Money on him and buy him.
    Unsubscribe Technical Guruji.

  • Redmi Note 6 Pro performs well in most camera departments. However, However
    Samsung have really stepped up their game in the mid segment phone category.
    Great Video Dhananjay. 👌👌
    Where are all those subscribers, why isn't English channels who deserve more
    subs not getting increased?