Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks Ep. 72: Remove Unused Apps With Unnecessary Background Processes

*Note 2 Tips & Tricks Table of Contents:
Here is a great battery saving tip for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Some apps are poorly made, or some apps require a process to be running all the time. And whenever there is a background process running, they are using some battery. So for the apps that you are not using, if they are running a background service, you should take the time to review them and decide to uninstall or disable them depending on your need for the…


  • is it possible to uninstal the apps for example video hub music hub google magazine these all together take about 1gb of memory and it really annoys me that i dont know how to get rid of thwm

  • Mike im very new to the note 2 and follow you religiously, and your tutorials have been enormously help full. Can you let me know what bloatware that I can safely disable? I'd like to clean up the phone and get better battery life and use less RAM I don't use 99 percent of what slowed it in the phone basically I use it as a phone and the Internet. Thanks in advance Mike and keep up the great work

  • Hey Michael. Removing unneeded apps as you demonstrated does little to help battery life, at least for me. The screen is still the major battery killer. So I'd love to hear your opinion about rooting or not rooting the Note II. It does so much stuff out of the box, but I would like to increase battery life. Thanks.

  • Good tip Mike. Appreciate it. I totally notice my battery drains so fast. It will go from 60% down to nothing overnight with wifi and mobile data both turned off. Perhaps this is my problem. I don't really care all that much because I bought 3 backup batteries and wall chargers, but still!

  • Dear Michael:

    I have benefited greatly from your daily post. I must admit I truly look forward to your daily post and have never utilized any phone in the past as I have my galaxy note 2, due to your tutoring. Which brings me to my concern. Where are you? I miss your shows that appear to be coming less and less.

  • Great Video! Mike, do you have any idea how to use emojis on the samsung galaxy note 2 to send SMS and social networking sites like twitter/instagram?

  • Good video as usual Mike. Have a problem which I hope you can help me with. ..I am unable to update or download apps from the play store… Keep getting this error RPC:S-5:AEC-0… Hope yu can help