Samsung Galaxy Note 7: S-Pen Tips and Tricks Full Tutorial

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7: S-Pen Tips and Tricks Full Tutorial

Hey Guys, this is video tutorial of the S-Pen features for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Thanks for watching!
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  • Just in case you didn't realize this (because you didn't mention it in the video), but when you're using the S-Pen to write a note, draw, etc., you don't HAVE to select back and forth between writing mode and the eraser mode. If you just press and hold the little "air command" button on the S-Pen, you can erase the information that way as well.

  • One feature I used all the time on Note 5 while doing image editing is the ability to pick the color of the pen from a color on the photo using the common "dropper" tool. Lets say for example I had a great picture of myself but noticed a big mustard stain on my shirt. I could use the dropper to select the color of my shirt and more or less make the stain go away. I cannot find this function anywhere with the Note 7! I have looked under every "pen" type and seemingly every sub-menu, but I cannot find the dropper anywhere. Someone please tell me this is not the case and I am simply overlooking it. If it is in fact the case and there is another app that I should be using to edit photos with S Pen functionality, please enlighten me. I cannot figure out why they would have decided to get rid of this simple but useful tool.

  • what happened to link to action? Did they take away that feature? I have the note 4. If I write a note, a phone number for example, I can click on link to action and dial that number straight from that note. Another example, lets say i write down a website, then link to action, I can go directly to that website from that note. Does the note 7 not have link to action feature?

  • the pop-up note is not there or they might have put it in the samsung app store. basically, you hold the s-pen button down and double tap the s-pen tip on the screen to bring up a post-it note pad to write on

  • Gifs don't work on Facebook. You have to convert them to mp4 first in order to use them on Facebook. When I tried doing a gif and sharing it on Facebook it only showed a still photo…. So making gifs is broken since you can't do anything with them….