Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Improve Battery Life to 3 Days!!!

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 already has a massive battery inside, but you can now extend, save and improve battery life to up to 3 days! This is huge improvement for the flagship Samsung phone.

We discuss how to save battery life in a number of ways.

Watch the video and let us know if we missed out any tips that you would like to add. Comment below!

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review:

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review (video):…


  • I just got the note 9 yesterday. I have been with the iPhone 7 plus for 2 years and thought that battery life was good and better than any Android I've ever owned. Before the 7 plus I had the note 5 and owned numerous Android devices. I been testing the battery on stand by and sot. So far for the note 9 this is the most insane battery I seen on a smartphone since the blackberry with a physical qwerty keyboard. Samsung has finally done it with battery life