Samsung Galaxy Note 9: One Year Later

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When Samsung unveiled the Note 9 a year ago, I was surprised by how much I liked it. Sure, it didn’t bring many fresh features — mostly just refinements in areas where the Note line already excelled. There was more power than before, longer battery life, a larger display and more built-in storage. Plus, some camera improvements made the Note 9 more capable in low light. These upgrades are pretty much a given with any new smartphone, though.

More interesting was the fact that Samsung also…


  • I love my S-pen, but Samsung isn't doing anything innovative with it. They could add more buttons. Have you use it like a mouse when you use it on another surface. They could probably even make that metal piece a small track pad that controls a pointer. The S-pen has so much potential. Air gestures is not the way to go.

  • all the comments bashing the reviewer, saying that the note is the most complete phone, that is precisely the problem. most of the features are gimmicky that you won't use twice, but they're always taking up space and ram for the entire life of your phone. they could be better used for an extra app or two that you actually want to keep in the background.

  • I think this is a fair review. It's a 1-year later review that should tell audience the true user experience, instead of saying how good or bad the phone is. True, she is not saying that the phone is simply great with no problems, which annoyed a lot of people. Instead, she said that note 9 is a great phone with some gimmicks and flaws. This, however, seems quite reasonable to me. So many comments say that the reviewer is not a fan of Samsung. So what? It doesn't mean that she's biased. Rather, it should be appreciated that someone is offering a different review that contains useful information, such as how the new S pen Bluetooth function doesn't impress in the long run, and the mediocre camera. Good review, and please keep it up!

  • The pixel software is underwhelming. And who cares if you don't have the latest android version when Samsung's one ui has all the features that Google adds to the update Google is a 1/2 year behind

  • Clean vanilla Android is overrated/boring and even ugly compared to skins like Samsung’s One UI. She would’ve known that if she had actually lived with a Pixel or an Android One phone for a while… I bet her daily driver is an iPhone

  • Somebody fire Cherlynn. She is just a spoiled brat who wants features that are not available either due to technology or because it is a Samsung. Is it just me or is does she hate Samsung? In her Note seven podcast a couple years ago she said it was terrible only because of the explosion fiasco, completely forgetting about the great build, camera and S Pen. Reviewers are not meant to have a bias, and Cherlynn, if you are reading this, you are not a reviewer

  • The worst review of anything ever really, calling this a review is a insult to the word review so I will call it what I think it is, a Pixel advertisement.

  • Oooooooh jeez, shut up about stock pixel launcher. It's garbage. One UI is much better. It's a universally echoed statement in the tech reviewer industry, and among users. Unless you like freezing camera and all other sorts of Pixel hardware and software issues. Pixel camera is not the best anymore either. Go watch MKBHD's blind camera comparison. Note 9 made it further than pixel or iphone. People don't want dull bland photos, they want good looking pics that they can post right to social media, and Note 9 does that much better than the rest.

    And you are just mad at Note 9 because you were mad that the bluetooth spen wasn't some amazing feature. News flash, no one thought it was some game changer from the get go. Why spend half your re-review complaining about it? Talk about the actual amazing features of the phone, and why it is still an amazing phone. Pixel is an overpriced joke. I guess if you are a reviewer getting them for free and are out of touch with price value, but for what you pay to be a google beta tester, it's garbage.