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Sorry for the late upload. We went through technical difficulties. Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the Samsung Galaxy F and the rumors that it was shown off at CES 2019. Then we discuss Apple’s cutback in sales. Samsung also returns to the spotlight with the possible name of its new flagship, now Galaxy S10 E. Then it’s all about Google fixing the audio problems of its Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. We end today’s show talking about the official things we’ve seen here at CES 2019.



  • I agree. I don't see the point of a bendable Android device. That said, if you throw Windows on it and call it Project Andromeda, that's pretty exciting. Yes, I'm still waiting for Microsoft to make a breakthrough in the mobile market. I still have around 5% faith that this is going to happen ?.

  • To me, I feel that the Galaxy 10 F (Fold) is an interesting idea, but that being said it might be too early. For this really new tech, it would be a better idea to have people in the "real world" test it for a few months to see what issues appear and then fix any of those issues and finally release it. It seems to me that this a phone just waiting to have issues. Especially with the price tag associated with it. This will make people extremely upset if something major happens to their new phone after dropping almost $2000. I compare this to the new Apple product recently. Where it was bending and Apple turns around and says that is normal so no issue. Samsung may be walking down the same path with its new foldable phone.

  • You keep asking who foldable phones are for and I keep telling you but your not listening. They are for me. I love the concept when done right. I watch a bunch of sports on my phone on the go and at work. If I were to be able to use it normally folded like a normal phone but then when I want to watch sports be able to unfold it to a bigger display (I’d prefer it to be at least 10 inch though) and watch the games I’d love that! I mean it’d be like having a tablet with you at all times.

  • I've been waiting for a tablet that folds into a phone for years so, yeah there's a reason. I would like to only carry one device that will do it all.

  • Galaxy S10 will disappointing…Look closer the invite you see the main news and evolution of Galaxy will be the In Fingerprint sensor ..The O of 10 is half under display..means the fingerprint sensor and the half O on top your finger…

  • For the Love of Pete please just give us a smart flip phone from the 90s with the 855 snapdragon chip the huawei camera yep 3 on the back and 2 on the front and the finish of the sony xperia z3 oh yer we also need stereo speakers too and a headphone jack fast charge and the snake game by Nokia . PLEASE Jamie Please . Your friends from New Zealand & Brasil !