Samsung KS9000 (UE55KS9000) 4K UHD TV Review

Samsung launch their 2016 Ultra HD 4K TV line-up with the KS9000, a curved edge-lit SUHD model with quantum dot, support for HDR and an updated smart platform.
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  • It is the worst tv i ever bought, I have already replaced it for 2nd time and it has so much clouding in dark themes that its so annoying… not to mention that both of them that I replaced are full of dead pixels… I might replace it this time with an LG B6 or C6… I really do not know what to do, but I wish I had bought a cheaper tv and not to have to run all the time to replace a premium high end tv…….

  • CAN ANYBODY HELP…. I'm getting this TV soon but i was wandering if my PS4 Pro will get all the benefits of HDR without connecting it directly to the TV but instead to my Yamaha Surround Sound Receiver?? I will be getting better HDMI cables for the TV to RECEIVER and RECEIVER to PS4… Thanks!!

  • I bought a 55 inch 8000 series Samsung 4K TV. Does anyone know the difference between the 8000 series and the 9000 series? I know the designs are different but what else?

  • Thinking of buying this tv & also getting the sky q box, sky says that the tv should be a Ultra HDTV that supports 2160p at 50 frames per second and HDCP 2.2.I haven't a clue what this means,if anyone can tell me if it does support the above,I would be most grateful.Thanks in advance

  • In your expert opinion do you believe that when you enable game mode HDR is also enabled as that's what Samsung customer support tell me but I'm not convinced!!!! Reason I ask is due to Sony releasing the HDR patch for the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

  • Samsung have really confused things by naming their TV's differently in US and Europe.. I mean KS8000 in Europe is KS9000 in US.. this makes it difficult to read/watch reviews of the TV you want.