Samsung Q6FN vs KS8500 Side by side comparison Should you upgrade.?

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Looking at the new Samsung Q6FN 4k HDR Quantum Dot TV up against the Samsung KS8500 and picture quality looks impressive. Colors and contrast look superior on the Q6FN while it also offers awesome gaming features like Game Motion Plus, Freesync 2 and 1440p/ 120hz resolutioin.

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  • I bought a qf6n new in box for 500$ the other day. Hooked it to my pc for 120hz gameplay. It blew my mind how the input lag was soo minimal. Extremely nice tv

  • Dude the light control on the 2018 models are just amazing the highlights arent operatic all over the place there tight some people see big bright highlights and think it's great no tight bright highlights are better it means there is better light control instead of having the light spread when its spread and bright it doesnt look as nice in person the tight bright highlights just look nicer and more detailed and they really really have some of the best specular highlight detail the q8fn literally does it perfectly as Vincent pointed out samsungs TVs are super bright but in movies they had to choose even extra brightness or more detail in the brightness they chose the detail in the brifhtness its smart because the TV is already brifht

  • Your overlong, off-topic side comments during the fps game kinda makes you feel unprofessional, someone not to take seriously as a tv reviewer. Bye.

  • how does the tv do compared to the lg oled c8 in color and motion handling… I have a c8 and absolutely love it but I am curious about the gaming features such as the game motion plus mode that is said to make 30 fps look 60 fps.

  • I've had the JS9000, currently have the KS9000, had last year's Q7 and now just bought the Q6FN. By far the Q6FN blows all the ones I've had. The contrast levels are unreal.

  • What about dimming issues, especially with subtitles and netflix.
    As the Q6 has local dimming, where the 8500 has Full Array, I would really like to see how much of a difference that has…

  • You can really see the difference with bright areas. The bright areas don’t bleed into the rest of the screen like the 8500. I’m glad I spend the extra 200 dollars on the q6.

  • I love love live love the q6fn I would choose it over any of the qled TVs besides the q8fn something about the picture I really really love the way the colors are shown I had the q7fn and it just didnt seem to have the same kind of pop on the colors yes it was brighter but it seemed more faded and I hear that about it alot I also saw that the q6fn is plenty bright enough actually seems brighter then they say because of the way the colors brighten u poo I have also had the x900f this year and the q6fn is brighter even tho it's not rated brighter I absolutely love this tv and the gaming is amazing and you feel the difference over any tv out it's an amazing feeling gaming on it I played my UFC game and beat everyone I was fighting it was crazy so smooth no lag it was just incredible even the way everything moved and felt was just different in the most amazing way I'm blown away by this tv and the price right now I've tried out every single tv out in this price range and none of them impressed me like this one actually all of the other ones didnt even hit my expect as tons this one exceeded it and the one thing reviews dont talk about is how clean or the clarity in displays the clarity of this display is amazing even streaming everything is so nice even the noise theres alot less on this tv samsung did amazing with these qled TVs this year and aging if anyone is in the 1000 dollar price range dont even think about it just get this no matter what reviews say something about the company picture when you look at it you think wow now that's an amazing display even the black levels are good movies with dark scenes are awesome especially with fire in the background just an amazing tv seriously and think about it the ks8000 is rated a very bright tv and the q6fn is almost as bright but better picture quality all around its amazing PMS it picks up on details you didnt even know was there look at the rocks you can see the lines more in the q6fn you can see the cracks and the highlights in the darker areas and brighter areas

  • The secular highlight details are amazing it may be slightly darker but its brighter in other ways where it needs to be on details and sunlight in the sky coming through the clouds the detail on the tv is amazing idk how but samsung blew everyone out of the water this year with these qled TVs they are stunning and it's crazy to think you can get the q6fn for 800 dollars in 49 inches right now and 1100 for the 55 inch for that price it's crazy what your getting I've tried every single tv in that price range and nothing picks up on the detail like this one does the sony is close but still isnt there and isnt ss good at displaying the comers the same way the reds are great on the sony but the samsungs other colors look amazing it does crazy dark colors and bright light colors even tho some reviews say it has a hard time with dark colors yeah maybe making them dull it has a hard time doing but making them pop no it's amazing as t it

  • Couldnt believe that one guy on his review trying to rig it he lowered the color on the q6fn tried saying the x900f had more color like way more when I've owned both and the q6fn has more color he was against samsung but then all of a sudden he got the q8fn and he switched everything around saying qled TVs are amazing when all of his other videos were talking about how shitty samsung was for the year again once he got the q8fn now that's the only rv he talks about and bashes every other reviewer taking shit saying there all bais and this and that when this guy is sitting here rigging his review then all of a sudden he does another video on the q6fn gaming side by side with the sony and all of a sudden the colors looks as good if not better and he slipped up saying how saturated they were and he was trying not to back track alot of his viewers dont even pay attention to his videos I do and I hate how he bad mouths everybody and I mean everybody it's horrible but yeah I'm saying this tv has so much color especially if it's more colorful then your other samsung like really wow this tv is amazing I'm so happy I went back and got it the quality and picture are great and the amount of detail it gets is crazy it picks up on all of these textures that you dont notice on other tvs

  • Hola joelster Felicidades por tu canal! Tengo la Q6FN 82' 2018, pero la calidad de imagen es muy mala, los colores se ven sin vida y deslavados. Cuando veo contenido HD , se ve horrible sin calidad. Si veo deportes los jugadores no tienen nitidez y cuando corren parece que saltan de cuadro , como si el refresh rate fuera pésimo. Tengo 2 Tvs mas, una Full hd samsung y una 4k del 2014 samsung… La full hd tiene mejor resolución y con mas iluminación que la Q6. La 4k se ve increíble y mil veces mejor . Pero esta Q6 que acabo de comprar se pésimo, ya la calibre y sigue sin tener calidad en la imagen….sera normal? Ayuda please!!